April 2019 Blog 

The 7 Keys of the New Business Model of

‘The Success of Sharing’

April 22nd, 2019

Where can you find a revenue model that offers equal opportunities for everyone? 

‍    *    Wherein you can improve your energy levels?

‍    *    Wherein you can gain peace of mind about your finances, 

‍    *    by sharing this with others?

‍    *    Wherein you boost your immune system?

‍    *    Altogether, for FREE and without obligations?

Does such opportunity already exist?

And if so, what is there to be alert about?

If you are looking for an alternative way to become healthy and at the same time more wealthy, then you are probably ready to find out what this new business model can do for you. 

A model that is based upon ‘the success of sharing’ .

But there is a but . . .   Most companies try to fool and trick you and want you to believe it is about sharing, whilst they are still based upon the old model. 

In this blog, 7 keys are presented to you to check for yourself if a company is practicing this new model of sharing.

Why do we need to check?

To create a new business model we need to provide a complete new fundament from the start onwards, to prevent us from falling back into the same old paths (habits). This new awareness is our compass to keep us on track, into that new direction and the 7 keys will help us with this. Eventually, our aim is to upgrade the quality of life and secure a future for the generations to come.

Key 1: In principle is any company that is based on the success of sharing, completely FREE for everybody to join.

Note: A warning is appropriate here. 

During the recruitment period, we are convinced by many companies that their opportunity is different and is completely FREE. Once you signed up, you are ‘forced’ to pay if you want to make full use of the system or to get any support. I find this very frustrating and it took me time and money to discover it was a scam in the end. 

Key 2: No qualifications are needed to earn.

In the sharing model, everybody should be able to earn despite any rank or status.This is one of the unique features of the sharing model!

Key 3: No autoship or buying requirements in order to earn.

The principle is if you share you get rewarded. This opens possibilities for those, who have absolutely NO money but do have time and energy to invest in sharing, also they are able to generate income. This is a great feature and possibly hard to grasp!

Key 4: The sharing model is based on the Holarchy principle. Equal opportunities for all.

In a (W)holarchy everybody has equal opportunities and it is your willingness to share with others your talents and skills what makes that you and others earn. No "assignments" or forcing from above, but management based on your own commitment and motivation.

Key 5. The products are pure and organic and support our health and energy levels.

To support life on this planet, we prefer that the products we share are organic and environmentally friendly, but above all the condition remains that there must be a real need or demand for the products. The most important criterion is always 'whether it works'! After all, good results spread themselves without any effort and this makes sharing so much fun

Key 6. No technical skills and knowledge required, a ready made system is available to start sharing.

For this new business model of sharing, all the technical things you need are already made for you with the highest levels of integrity, and free to use.

Key 7. The new business model is based on profit sharing, team building, and long-term relationships.

If the company you join is a new business model of sharing, then this will be expressed in their transparent and clear compensation plan and in the encouragement to form teams of support. The compensation plan is accessible to all involved and the profit is even shared up to 90% with its members.

I think that is pretty awesome!

In short:

The new business model of sharing allows us to say goodbye to ‘enemy thinking’ and makes it possible again to welcome everybody we meet as a potential friend. The more we share, the more we all become healthier and wealthier. An amazing and inspiring proposition to change our lives into something we and our children and future generations, can be proud of.

You might say to me:

“Rita this can’t be true because I have never seen and experienced this before”! Well, your right, because this is NEW and comes from such a different mindset that this needs some process to find its place in our daily life. 

Is there a company that can meet all 7 keys?

Yes, there is such a company that can give you your master key to unlock your success of sharing = caring and increase our health and wealth. 

My Invitation to you:

Did you become excited about this new business model of sharing, and all the possibilities it might have for you, your family and friends? 

I invite you to explore your options. 

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I look forward meeting you to share this Freedom LifeStyle.

From ❤️ to ❤️,

Happy Rita

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