About Us

About Us:

We are a group of International volunteers who bundle their knowledge and experiences with the aim to balance our health and wealth. How can we ever focus individually on global issues, if we are still in the midst of our personal issues we face day to day?

Nowadays it is hard to find the right kind of information. We are overwhelmed with all kind of articles or advertisements that all points into the same direction called commerce. Especially concerning our health and wellbeing, we see the turnover and profit of pharmaceutical companies grow every year, whilst humanity gets sicker and sicker. It is not so amazing that the research that is done on behalf of those companies only publish what suits their agenda, whilst information that promotes the wellbeing of humanity is either ‘forbidden’ or ridiculed. 

To research and finding out by ourselves needs time and effort, but why should we do the same research individually over and over again? What if we could bring our findings together and we, as a member, get access to this information? In that scenario, we can start from a platform of common understanding and increase our perspectives and know-how and solve our issues in a more objective and efficient manner. 

To avoid any of the entanglements and to provide a trustworthy source of information to its members, we started Rodina, a Non-profit Knowledge-based Center and testing ground. Rodina means ‘Motherland of the People’.

The Freedom Lifestyle, a new way of living with equal opportunities for all

To get different results; we, as a group of International volunteers, developed a new way of life, which we call "the Freedom Lifestyle". To manifest this lifestyle, we practice "the success of sharing." This method has little to do with commerce, which often has more losers than winners. Within this method, all parties involved "gain".

What is the principle of sharing?

What I give to you, you give back to me. This principle is a new way of exchanging energy between people which adds and does not only take. 

The moment you understand how this works you will love to "share" this with your family and friends and those of kind, and the more everybody shares, the more everybody benefits. This cannot be compared, to either a pyramid or a commercial construct, where only the top becomes prosperous. The effect of sharing is more the opposite, with this system we achieve more balance between the rich and the poor because of a different value involved. In this system, that comes from America and is emerging in Europe and Asia, everyone "wins". It is now possible for everybody, also for people with no money at all, to generate well-being, longevity, beauty, prosperity, and happiness. To us, this is an inspiring proposition. The proof of the pudding is in eating it, so we invite you to test this lifestyle for your self and your loved ones and together we will make a difference. 

We love to welcome you living ‘the Freedom Lifestyle’.

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We are looking forward welcoming you. 

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