Happy Money Blessings

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Invitation to Re-evaluate: 

Everybody who start to question the true miserable situation of humanity on a worldwide-scale, comes across that there is a huge unfairness in ‘those who have’ and ‘those who have not’. This unfairness on a world wide scale we can’t address, that is beyond our sphere of influence, but amongst each other we can make a huge difference. 

This begins with to awaken again to what is of REAL VALUE. That we can discern between ‘what only looks good’ and ‘what is truly good’.  This happens not only in our mind, but will transform in us, when ‘what we know’ is ‘what we feel’, in other words: it is about true experiences. 

What we value:

The core of Forever Vital method is Knowledge based upon EXPERIENCE, which is a useful & valuable when it works and we learn from it!  

In other words, when things work we derive the energy to be able to participate and cooperate when we wish to manifest a future that holds promise. This is why your vitality impacts the earth’s Vitality. Let us stop complaining what should change, just let us start to support what we truly value.

 At the moment money is a form of energy and in the current reality we live in, we all need money as an energy exchange to live, to research, to develop and invent sustainable solutions. Also there is money needed when people/animals are in desperate need for a helping hand so they too can move forward. 

How to contribute Happy Money: 

As you can read yourself when visiting the websites of all the private associates of My Happy Femily, a lot already has been accomplished but there is so much more to develop, to contribute and to discover to serve sustainable solutions. Donations given from the heart for genuine & real initiatives is a way to turn money into happy money and thus always lead to vitality-boosting energy. 

Read here how to donate at best your happy money to the Blessings Fund. (gaat om euro’s of dollars of bitcoin)

You need more ways to Bless? 

There are 2 more ways to Bless either the Blessings Fund or to Bless yourself:

    1.    Unique and exceptional gifts to Bless the Blessing Fund. Don’t know anymore what to give? And wish to give a special surprise to someone. What if you make this gift even more rare because it also serves a good cause?  Then you have found the place to do both. Check out the collection of unique and exceptional gifts. 

    2.    The way of sharing to Bless yourself, is a people-friendly method through which anyone who invests time and energy creates opportunities. Little money at your disposal is no longer a reason not to increase your vitality. Read how the way of sharing works here

So whatever method you select, either Happy Money, acquiring a unique and exceptional gift or you go for the Way of Sharing to Bless yourself, we are very thankful for any contribution, no matter how small or big, when given from the heart, it is a Blessing that serves a promising future we together co-create. 

All the individual blessings is a collective contribution we give to ourselves and the future generations as well to our precious planet mother earth. Such a blessing is what gives hope, this is what gives promise and this is what reduces suffering and nourishes and serves life itself. May Blessings comes (y)our way.

Men and woman of the Support Team