Winter Solstice, to plant your . . . .


Winter Solstice, to plant your good intentions.

Hi everybody of My Happy Femily, this is Azra and I like to write in the December Blog. Wondering what is worth writing, I started to think of the importance of special moments during the year. Which is not so strange with all the events in December. 

Most people mainly focus on the Christmas event, organising special diners with nice glasses of wine, spending quality time with family and friends.  

On average we pay little attention to the Winter Solstice  December, 21st. 

Why is the Winter solstice important? 

At this moment of the year certain energies are accumulated and in spite of outer darkness it is ‘the’ time to go within, and plant our inner ‘seeds’, so that they can grow toward the light in springtime. 

What do I mean with ‘inner seeds’? The inner seeds are our good intentions for the coming year, or more correctly said, the upcoming seasons. In other words, the best moment to lodge new intentions in our self is during the Winter Solstice. 

‘He, Azra, now I understand why I mostly fail to realise my good intentions made on New Years Day?  Because I planted them at the offset moment!’

Yep, you’re right. 

Our idea of December will dramatically change if we become aware of the energies around the Winter Solstice, which is about, healing, forgiving and forgetting. It is also a time of new birth, of new opportunities, and new initiations. It is the time of the year to expand our consciousness and opening of new perceptions through introspection. 

Of course this inner process is not only on the day itself, but starts already 3 days ahead to the Winter Solstice. It is wise to pay close attention to ones inner process in these days. Question one self regularly, ‘what do I allow myself to think and feel?’ Because before you know, you unconsciously plant intentions, you might regret later on. So be awake, alert and aware.

I do this myself by keeping myself a journal, especially in such powerful moments of the year, so I can reflect externally on myself. Another advantage of journaling is that I keep track of my own progress and that is inspiring. It is liberating to free one self from the need of confirmation of others, because with my journaling I give myself my own confirmations and self-corrections. It is my experience that if I start my day reading my latest insights, I start that day on a different note, leading to different outcomes often more satisfying than the ‘automatic ones’. 

Around the Winter Solstice Mankind is flooded with the love frequency of Earth Mother. The veils of the unseen realms are also thinner in this period. 

The art is to capture the Love frequency that is now easier available and warms ones heart, gathering the nurturing energies for the next coming seasons. 

It is very beneficial to organise some time for yourself in December, away from people and noisy events. Take some OFFtime and do NOthing, just be still. 

Don’t force any image or feeling. Be as empty as possible, look into the emptiness and blackness of space. If your mind chatters; simply let it go, send the chatter to the Universal Dustbin. Do this as long is needed for you, till you become more silent and calm inside. This is the moment to consciously think and feel compassionate about your good intentions for the coming year. Imagine yourself being it and feel the satisfaction of accomplishing it. This is how you ‘plant’ your seeds/intentions in yourself. It is best if you could repeat this at least 2 times before the Winter Solstice and 1 time on the Winter Solstice day itself! 

Just experiment and see what it does to you. There are no fixed rules or ways of doing this. What counts is what it does to you. The rest is not of interest. 

To remember your intentions write them down on a piece of paper and hang them around in your house, so you remind yourself everyday. Together with some journaling you might discover how easy it became, to realise your intentions and more…

Yes it does work for Azra and it might work for you differently. So feel free to change or adjust it in a way that works for you. My idea of this blog is to spread awareness about the powerful energies around the Winter Solstice, so you can use them to plant your ‘seeds’ as well and so that there is something to harvest in 2019 that makes you happy. Be well and love to hear from you. 

From heart to Heart Azra, member of My Happy Femily

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