Finally a solution and a special present at the very beginning too !


Finally a solution and . . . .

For years I suffered from unsolvable fatigue, mild whining headaches and burning eyes and finally I have found a solution, which I am so happy to share with everyone. There is a simple and beautiful solution, which also makes it a special and unique present.

You know that, constantly tired, nagging headaches, poor concentration and burning eyes? Of course I tried all kinds of things, all kinds of supplements, one was said to work even better than the other. Many jars are half-used in my cupboard, because I did not experience any noticeable difference. At best, it helped very briefly, but never for long. Until a friend of mine called. 

Enthusiastically, he told me that he had now discovered something that benefited him immensely. A beautiful pendant that vitalises your energetic field which is called the Electro Magnetic vitaliser or EMV.  With the arrival of TV, computers, the Internet and mobile phones, our environment has become increasingly stressful, causing our energetic field to become unbalanced, causing all kinds of mainly vague complaints. From fatigue, to breathing difficulties, headaches, poor memory, concentration problems and burning eyes. 

He had been tipped off by a colleague and immediately ordered an EMV himself.  When he received the EMV and started wearing it, he immediately felt much more spacious in his head, as well as on his chest. He could breathe much deeper. He also had more energy throughout the day. Now his whole family wears an EMV. Everyone is much more focused, less easily distracted and has more energy. He was very excited because not only does it work very well, it is also very beautiful to wear

‍ I asked him if he had more information, because of course I wanted to know more on this one. He gave me a Link of a short video. 

After watching the video, I had become convinced that I needed such an EMV and wanted to try it out. I picked out a nice EMV Special on the website. As soon as I received my EMV and put it on, I had chills all over my body and breathed a deep sigh. A feeling of relief overcame me. 

It is recommended to build up wearing the EMV slowly, and in my case that proved to be a good tip. Meanwhile, I no longer suffer from burning eyes and/or fatigue and my concentration has increased considerably. Now I wear my EMV especially when I need it, such as when I am sitting at my computer or watching TV, making a lot of mobile phone calls, driving a car, or at the office and anywhere else where there is a lot of electronic devices and radiation. 

The EMV has given my vitality back and I am so happy with it, I would like to share it with anyone who wants to hear it. Beautiful and functional go together here and makes it very nice to give an EMV as a gift as well. Especially because sometimes you don't know what to give to somebody anymore. A friend of mine had got hold of a very special one, it was very much like an F1 model with a red ox on the back. I understood this was a limited edition

If I've made you curious then I'm glad about that, because I love sharing my experience to helping people become more vital. It's just nice to feel fit and vital. 

I was in touch with Rose and asked her if direct contact was possible and that's okay, so I would say, email her and ask for a short zoom call.  Rose will show you the options in the zoom conversation (there is a special stock sale with a big discount. You won't find these models on the website, so they are even more unique). 

There is sure to be something really beautiful and special for you as well. 

Love  Rita


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