What do our Children teach us, Global warming or cooling?

You want me to clean up my room

every day, but you leave your Trash of years behind you for me to clean up as well !?!

It all started with Greta Thunberg a 15-year-old girl from Sweden who studied for herself  already for years Climate change and decided she couldn’t take it any longer that adults were non-acting to the crisis status of our Climate and she decided to School climate strike and to sit for weeks in front of the parliament building in Sweden to protest to this non-caring attitude of adults. Her actions inspired more children all over the world to join the school climate strike and to ask for serious attention to the issue of Global Warming. In itself this is an interesting movement and because children are demonstrating it has on most adults an emotional impact. Even mainstream media is paying close attention and reporting about it, but for the Self Illumined Masters of this time, all these signals always need to be examined for its true agenda and value. 

The discussions in many scientific articles about Global Warming are contradictory. The majority of the easy to find articles speak about Global Warming caused by CO2, as a result of the worldwide usage of fossil fuels. But there are also other articles pointing at completely different causes, or mentioning the opposite of what is generally believed to be true. To mention a few worth considering are; climate interference caused by Chemtrails, also known as geo-engineering.This in combination with HAARP and cell towers using for our eyes unseen scalar wave technology and this all together has changed the weather patterns so dramatically, that this is causing via these microwave technologies to ‘dry out’ earth and humanity itself (Have you ever wondered why you need to drink nowadays so much water?). In combination with the continuation of deforestation on a global scale, the result of this is that there is ‘more water in the air’ and less water in the ground levels of earth and that is causing the temperature changes and NOT the CO2 emissions. These technologies have changed the natural hydrological water cycles of earth so much that temperature regulation has been disturbed. To understand this you need to know more about the unique characteristics of water. It is because of these unique characteristic of WATER that organic life on this planet is possible at all.  In short, the natural interplay between trees and water is regulating more the temperature on earth than anything else. If you disturb this delicate balance, and we do this with all the increase of radiations, deforestations and mono-agriculture, the temperature will change*. (And what is going to happen when 5G is fully implemented?)

Full Hydrological Water Cycle

Half Hydrological Water Cycle

Actually, CO2 is necessary for the growth of earth’s vegetation and more and scientists indicate that there is not an alarming rising of the CO2 levels at all, because earth is capable of regulating this herself. 

The more CO2, the more the vegetation can grow from it ?! Except of course if Mankind is allowing the continuous cutting of trees and turning diversity landscapes into mono-agricultures and worse of all in many areas implementing GMO altered vegetation.  The latter will ‘displace’ in the end all the indigenous natural vegetation, because of its GMO alteration it has an unnatural resistance to earths natural regulatory systems (in other words her immune system) leaving us with only artificial crops, that are for sure good looking but have hardly any taste and  nutritional value, causing even more people having obesities and diabetics. The irony with GMO generated food is that we might have enough food in terms of quantity, but we still “starve” from the lack of nutrition’. 

Then there are scientific articles claiming with all kinds of evidence that there is no Global Warming, but Global Cooling going on and that the average temperature of Earth is going down instead of up and that we are heading to a mini Ice Age. They also claim there is nowadays more ice on the North and South poles than ever! (Who of us personally went to the North and South Pole to check what is going on?). Then there are a few articles that are reporting, that there is a Cosmic change in our Solar system since many planets around us are changing rapidly, it seems like Venus her temperature is rising, Saturn’s rings are changing. And these are just a few examples of the contradictory perceptions of Climate change, there might be even more ideas or combination of what is written in the above. 

All in all, I think every Man on this planet owes it to their children to investigate the issue of Global Climate change seriously, because with so many different points of view, who can really claim to know what is actually going on here? How can we know that what has been said about Climate Change is true? How can we verify the facts? What are the facts? I realize that many people hide their responsibility behind the fact that they are no experts in this field and that they can’t know about it. Or that we can’t do the necessary research ourselves, because we lack the instruments or time and money, but that is mostly avoiding the issue. Everybody of us can read and gather all kinds of articles and start comparing, together with our own personal experiences! 

Can you remember how the skies looked like when you were a kid? When you cleaned the windows of your car in the past, was it also covered with this thin black layer? Do you also have at a sudden a decrease of energies without any reason? Or this soft constant background ‘noise’ in our ears, what is now known as the ‘white noise’ caused by the radiations that is nowadays 24/7 bombarding our bodies? Could this be perhaps part of the cause that 50% of our teenagers suffer a burnout? Is it not time we start questioning, sharing our findings and personal experiences, like I do now to open up the territory and inform each other about the current results and adding ups, so that we don’t need to reinvent the wheel from scratch? Let us start to listen to each other so that we can continue on what we found out to become wiser in the end all together. Why is this needed?

What if? 

“Could it be possible that the Climate Change propaganda is the next big moneymaking machine of those who think they are in power?” If we believe the stories of the increase of CO2 blindly and not question and investigate if this is really the case because all the other stories tell something different, then what are we allowing to happen here by our ignorance?  

Where do we give our tacit consent to? 

I invite you to think about this for a second.  What would the story be, if we take out the influence of for example commerce and politics? If we blindly believe this CO2 thing and even stimulate our children to believe without any investigation by themselves, and it turns out within let’s say 10 years time it was never about CO2, but it was something else, much more dangerous to the point that the ecosystem is so damaged that there is no way to reverse the process anymore?  What if this is more close to the truth than what certain propaganda make us believe at this moment in time? What are we doing to our selves and our children? Who knows what is actually going on here? And why? What agenda does this serve? Who is benefitting? And who or what is paying the price? 

I don’t want to think of the ultimate destruction of our ecosystem, because it simply means the extinction of Mankind. I want to choose to see also a bright quality life for myself and the generations to come, although I myself have no children of my own, I do feel that I am responsible for what I think, feel and do and this will affect the possible future. And I believe that this counts for the reader of this blog as well. 

I think we do need to start to listen to each other at first and questioning each other in a respectful manner to invite each other to come to a collective process of sharing of insights before we come to any conclusions. Let us stop piling up each other’s opinions, frustrations and negativity.  Out of a constructive process the necessary discoveries, findings, and solutions can rise. Let us make it a game that is more real and can be playful and enjoyable, instead of stuffing our minds with artificial destructive computer games. Let us invent the invitation what we all can do to re-integrate and re-connect our selves again with Nature and with the Great Mother. So many more small things are possible. Even if you would not have a garden of yourself, you can take for example some herbs in pots in your house and let your children take care of them. Because it can be that simple! It is time we need to restore our farmers logic and get back to streetwise knowledge so that we all can practice and apply our newly learned knowledge and insights straight away in our daily lives. This will generate a field of energy and it will be more satisfying and rewarding because with these simple small actions we take our lives back to own it and create new qualities within our lives and our children. Let us start doing things with our children that keep us all away, from the limited mono experiences of the keyboard hero and stimulate each other to the multiple experience to be human. Global Climate change will change if we re-connect again to our precious beautiful Great Mother, who allows us to have a human experience. 

Without her, we can’t exist. Let us be very clear about this. No matter what your opinion is, or how rich, powerful, sick, healthy or poor you might be, Man is supposed to be gardeners of this planet and not exploiters and destroyers. 

Or is your current awareness level already too artificial, like the Chinese visitors who were visiting for the first time in their lives a Wild Life Safari park that was just opened in China and when they stepped out of the car to picture more closely the lion, they find out too late that in real life Lions eat meat, and thereby losing their opportunity to have more life experiences.  

To care and to act appropriately, the lesson for us is to bring Nature and her teaching back into our daily lives as a starting point for each one of us, to change the climate in our hearts, before we can tackle the bigger issues of Global Climate changes. Because without a true connection to the issue we wish to solve, it is all just theory and becomes 2nd hand experiences and opinions only and are doomed to fail. 

So let us start to reconnect to our Great Mother by doing the more Natural plays and actions together with the questioning, listening, research and sharing of the results. I have great hope things might change for the better. 

Warm greetings from Azra

Quote from Greta Thunberg at the UN Climate Change COP 24 Conference November 2018:

We have not come to beg you world leaders to care, you have ignored us in the past and you will ignore us again.

You Have run out of excuses and we are running out of time. 

We have come here to let you know that Change is coming, whether you like it or not. The real power belongs to the People!


* Books to explore:

 ‘Water, pure and simple author Paolo Consigli’ and 

the book ‘Living Energies written by Callum Coats’ about the life’s work of Viktor Schauberger 

Full Speech Greta Thunberg:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFkQSGyeCWg&pbjreload=10