How to Turn a hopeless world . . . . .

How to turn a Hopeless world of Fiction

into a reality

of Caring and Sharing?

Are you confused, frustrated, desperate or scared about what the future will bring? 

Do you wish to know how to turn these feelings into constructive actions? 

Then this promising article is written for you.

What is a world of fiction:

The majority of the information released through the mainstream media by governments and the mainstream scientific communities leads to confusion, opposition, anxiety and fear. Some people who at a certain point are fed up with this one-sided information stream, do research and self-study and discover that the limited solutions that are promoted by the media are dangerous for people’s health, pollute or destroy the eco-system of our planet and is catastrophic for the future of our children. 

The world that is created in this way we call the world of fiction, because this world is based on ideas that are 24/7 repeated and when one would be honest enough are not matching with our own experience in daily life. This is how via mainstream media propaganda the whole world is made afraid for a disease that was in previous years known as the flu and now suddenly was the most dangerous new disease one could think of. This idea has made us collectively bought into all kinds of restriction without questioning or any resistance. Maybe you asked yourself how is this possible? How did we allow our lives to be so dramatically changed?

The mental environment has disabled our ability to discern:

Ideas are ideas and they do not necessary confirm our experiences in daily life. The issue is that most of us due to the digital devices live mainly in our heads, in our thoughts. In short most people are disconnected to what their bodies are reporting so consumed are they in their mental environment. As a result people are disconnected to what they physically experience, disconnected from nature and therefore from their true nature and disconnected towards each other. We trust more what our digital devices telling us than the compassionate and often more objective information of our friends and own family. Relationships have become shallow and at distance. We email or text message each other easily, and nowadays a few make an effort to meet our fellow man face to face and have quality process. For many people personal contact has become too confronting. The digital ways of communication has separated us more then ever. Many of us lost contact with our heart and soul, living mainly in our heads or staring at black screens, fully absorbed in the speedy virtual reality.

This world that we collectively allowed to be created we call fiction, a world created in what we call the mental environment, where our personal mind lives and rules the show. This is why people have no access to what they feel and as a result they can’t feel resistance or don’t come into action anymore when something dangerous in front of their eyes is taken place, because it does not touch people anymore. They are dis-connected from their bodies and their 5 senses. Instead of saving people from drowning in a river, we take a picture or make a video with our mobile phone and see without any emotion before our own eyes our fellow man drowning and die. 

The last 70 years Mankind is losing its quality to be kind. We have on a collective level been disabled in our ability to discern. We can’t discern anymore when something is good for us or when something is bad for us. Many promote that everything need to exist and in everything is something good? Is it? Who or what told you this? You may ask yourself how come we are disabled to discern? Why do we find it so difficult to make decisions? Why are we so scared for responsibility and discipline? What has made us so complaint and obedient to except war for peace, violence for love and vaccine injections for good health? 

Can you see, hear or feel what is happening? 

The world that is unfolding now is this the reality you wish to live in? Is this the world that you would want for your children? Can you see the change in the weather, in human behavior that become more animalistic and rude? Can you see nature suffering under the constant increase of man-made radiations? Why do so many children have a burn-out? Are you aware of the changes? Is this the course Mankind should be heading?

What is a promising reality? 

If you say no, this is not the world that I wish for, I sense within my heart and soul another reality, then you might wish to know more about how to create together a promising reality? 

When you wish for a reality were we connect with each other again, love again, develop again and be creative again, respect nature again and face the world with honesty by facing the truth of the situation as it really is, then the choice is to change the course of fiction of the mind/ideas to the reality of experience of sharing and caring guided and directed by innate Knowledge. 

Time is of essence here, we are running out of time. If you resonate with this message, then perhaps this is the moment to rise above your limitations and connect with like minded people. 

We learned from the revelations of the Creator of All Life of this Universe that the outcome of the future of Mankind is not determined yet. Even if you are one of those people who experience the current situation as almost hopeless.  The outcome in the next decade is depending upon how you the individual respond. What do we choose to serve: a new era of self-destruction or do we serve a new era in which we learn how to unite and cooperate? 

When you sense the necessity of what needs to be done at this moment in time we invite you to connect and together lay a constructive foundation for the next generations to come. 

Members of My Happy Femily

For us being happy means, that we fulfill our life mission in purposeful relationships (femily) that manifest something significant in a world in great need. 

We know we can’t do this alone, this is why we act together. 

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