What if You could predict your own future !

Hello My Happy Femily, this time Regina is writing the blog. I took a closer look at the topic Predications, since  the beginning of every New Year we get overloaded with of all kinds of predictions from everywhere. 

I have no doubt that most of these predictions come from good intentions and sincere attempts to predict, the question remains: is it worth listening to? And how much should we allow ourselves to be guided or even dictated by it? Are we ourselves able to predict our own future? And if we so, where do I need to start?


‍ As Nikola Tesla so beautiful stated, ‘If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.’

What does this quote of Tesla teaches me?  What actually affects me? Am I always aware of what is affecting me? If I don’t know what is affecting me, then for sure I can’t predict the ‘outcome’ of my future. I am dependent on the outer influences, which I have no control over. But if I increase my inner awareness, my overall sensitivity and my capacity to think with an open mind beyond my current education, convictions, belief systems or other judgments or opinions, what could I accurately pick up and from there got an idea what is ahead of me and do some accurate predictions? Not only for me but also for the wider community or even the Universe? 

The point of today is that most influences are not commonly known anymore to us, except for the so-called specialist. As Rudolf Steiner said more than 100 years ago, in the not so far distant past it was common knowledge what the influence of the planets close to us was.  Back then we knew that Venus allowed us to work together, that the Moon assisted us in asking questions, Mercury allows us to focus on the process and follow it step by step or Mars for the goal setting and the Sun for renewal and significant change and Saturn guides us to a new self-awareness of what could be possible. Now most of us have access to their Smart Phones and the World Wide Web and no matter how good the information might be, it is an artificially created web by Man. Maybe this fact is part of the cause that so many people suffer from apathy or the opposite hyperactivity or suffer depression? Are these symptoms an indication of the fact that Man is deprived of direct connections with the natural powers of life? To illustrate on a human level, is reading an SMS the same or different than if we talk to each other live and look each other in the eyes? What is your personal experience? 

Can you recall when you were fully energized and motivated to do what it takes to stir your life into the direction you love to go?  For me one thing is clear; at the moment there is something out of balance and we do see the manifestations all around us and when will we have the courage to see? Facing the brutal facts and still having hope, is an art. The question is, what will bring us back into balance and alignment with our connections with the powers of life and give us access again to the secrets of the Universe? 

If I allow the planets to have again influence on me, I need to start to ask questions (moon state). Like what is my current lifestyle about? Am I happy and does what I do in my daily life satisfy me? What kind of stories do I tell myself? And what is the story about what I would love to manifest? 

So if I go on, I see that predictions are not so much predictions, if I become aware again of all the influences in my surrounding. What are the effects? Do I know? What makes me energized? What only costs me energy? What energy vampire can I stop today? What energies do I need more off? It is so simple that it is almost embarrassing I did not ask myself more questions. But that is the good news about a New Year, it is like a milestone, and I can say to myself, ok that was yesterday, today I do things differently. Today I start to recognize the energies and frequencies that are at the moment unconsciously affecting the outcome of my life. I clearly see that the moment I start to recognize the different quality of influences on my life I can start to choose what I wish to process and what I don’t. If I start doing this, together with journaling my perceptions, insights and questions, I  begin to become more consistent in my energy balances and that is the beginning that I can start to predict the possible outcome in the near future. 

He, I have trained myself to start predicting my future.               

YES, I feel happy and ask myself, what is next

From heart to Heart Regina, member of My Happy Femily

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