Loïs Child Coach with Dog

Hello my name is Loïs and I am here for you together with my amazing dog Max

Maybe you became a bit shy or even lost your confidence or you might have difficulty to concentrate and easily distracted, but my dog Max understands this. As a dog, he has no idea of good or bad, right or wrong, or how things should be. 

He just reacts to your energy and this on its own is so comforting that you already start to relax.  And that is the first step and the basis of a re-balancing process. 

Max teaches all of us, including the rest of the family ‘to be in the here and now’ like you are as a child most of the time. And together with Max and myself, we guide you to find yourself back and you become a child again. Yes, part of the process is also to talk with your family members, because they are your first line care-givers. I know it sounds a bit weird, but in this context, we often speak of care-takers. But during your childhood, in principle all adults are care-givers. Even this idea needs reconsidering what it actually means to guide a child like you in their development of Intelligence. 

As a Child coach, together with you, Max and your family, there is a lot to open up and to explore. 

We do this together and if we begin to listen to each other and understand more the differences, then it will be a very rewarding process. It is moving to see how you and your family members naturally start to find their ‘rightful place’ within the family and that is the basis for a new future for you and all family members involved. 

One of the vital ingredients I will focus on is, the inner peace from within. It starts with you having your own space, were you feel safe and secure. The word silent contains the same letters as listen. When the family members start to listen to each other again, and hear and feel what the other perceives, things start to change. 

Max is very supportive in these kinds of processes, and him being in the now, takes away the awkwardness and vulnerability in this new situation when we look each other differently in the eyes.

I can assure you if we listen and dare to feel what the other feels, many difficulties start to solve and turn into an opportunity of growth for you and the family. And that is such a moving process that this will heal many un-comfortabilities on its own and opens new options for those involved.

Together with Max I am looking forward to meeting you and your family members and this might colour our world happier again.

Much love, c❤️re and understanding, 

Loïs and Max