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Why is this Magnesium one of the best on the market?

To have an immediate effect of the benefits of Magnesium you need to have:

a. Magnesium in liquid form,

b. Magnesium needs to be small as possible to be able to enter your cell-membrane and blood-brain barrier,

c. and Magnesium needs to be bioavailable what means that it is possible for our body to consume it. L-Threonate is the best absorbable magnesium form for our body.

This Magnesium is 98+ pure magnesium and is 50.000 parts per million (ppm) small (Nano-technology) and is as far we know, one of the best Magnesium you can buy on the market, because it is in liquid form and is almost tasteless and therefore easily consumable for small children, pets and the elderly. Just some drops under the tongue and it works almost immediately.

To have the maximum benefit, drink next to your magnesium enough structured water,                          click here for structured water. 

The Function of Copper in relation to Iron:

In the video of Magnesium you just watched, explained also the function of Copper. Copper helps to channel Iron into the right place. So you don’t have just the plain old Iron floating around just gobbling up oxygen for itself. Copper is going to allow the iron to go and do its job right. It is going to allow the iron to convert from a Ferrous state(FeO, unstable) over to what is called a Ferric state (Fe2O3, stable). Which means it is a lot more functional and a lot more usable and this process makes sure you don’t have symptoms of Iron deficiency in your body.

Why is this Copper one of the best in the market?

For Copper counts the same 3 things as for Magnesium. If you choose to supplement with this Bio-available200 ppm Copper you might balance the Iron and Zinc in your body. After using this for some time check the Iron and Zinc levels if there is any change for the better.

If you wish to become physically and mentally more flexible then use Boron as well.

Boron is one of the rare minerals most of us have nowadays lack.Boron helps the cells to balance the levels of calcium in your cells. It decalcifies your cells including your brain cells and allows you to become physically and mentality more flexible. If you use Boron, one also needs to use a sufficient amount of Magnesium, since they work hand in hand in this process.

Want to become more concentrated and happier?         Try pure Gold 200 ppm.

Gold lights up your body and mind. Very useful for people who are studying, need to focus or concentrate or are depressed and needs some happiness in their lives.

Has nature her own anti-biotic?

Yes, try Pure Silver 200 ppm. Very handy for people with children and pets.

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