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Or have I already forgotten?

In this story, I share how, after a long quest, I improved my thinking skills and vitality. Something I wish for everyone and why it is so badly needed today and how you can do it too, you can read all this in my story below. 

Love, Marianne 

Also so oblivious and suffer loss of memory, and is there a solution?

You know that situation, you are standing in front of the cupboard and you have forgotten what you wanted to take out? You're making tea, the phone rings and after the call you go to your computer, only to discover a moment later that you were busy making tea but had completely forgotten about it. Sometimes it seems like a thought is literally and figuratively pushed completely out of your mind. Keeping our heads and doing what we intended to do is a challenge for young and old alike these days.

I had to write down everything I had resolved to do that day because if not, I would just forget. And it didn't just happen to me, I saw the same process in my 12-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son. 

What is the cause, but most importantly, what could we do about it?

So much has been written, researched, and demonstrated that our current environment has now become so polluted and unnatural compared to 100 years ago, that the limit of what our natural body can correct itself seems to have been reached. Young and old alike have memory problems and struggle to keep their attention. It is extraordinary how quickly we are distracted.

This is clearly observable in our daily lives, only the question is: who among us still notices? Where we have arrived together today has been such a gradual process, that most of us (myself included), did not notice that our ability to think and our vitality of both young and old is in decline. 

So every reason to take a closer look at this. 

Vitalize your memory 

Maybe you think I am exaggerating! 

I hereby invite you, and of course don't forget yourself, to take a good look around you and see if you know people in your immediate surroundings who say of themselves that they are fit and vital. I increasingly hear my children's friends complaining about fatigue and a lack of energy. The other day, a friend of ours told us that his family doctor was deeply concerned about the number of seriously ill people in his practice-for example, a 35-year-old man diagnosed with advanced Parkinson's disease. You increasingly hear that these kinds of mental illnesses, such as dementia, Alzheimer's & Parkinson's which mainly occurred in the elderly 5 years ago are also occurring in young adults. 

It appears that something is indeed going on with humanity.

The biggest, but mostly 'a tacit change', is the huge increase in man-made radiation, and particularly the latest of this recent activation of the 5G network since October 2019 has had a lot of impact. Our bodies are very busy protecting ourselves from the constant radiation of now increasingly higher frequencies. This is experienced by our body and mind as a kind of 'stress', but 24 hours a day (with peaks in between). It is bound to cause cell damage as a result. Among other things, this cell damage causes us to acidify. To make sure our blood maintains the right pH, the body takes calcium from bones and magnesium from muscles. The result is that the cells in our body contain too much calcium and our bones too little (which is why there are now many more bone fractures than before). 

Calcium hardens and magnesium softens (muscle cramps when it lacks magnesium, remember that our heart is also a muscle). As calcium goes into the cell to prevent acidification, the cell's membrane hardens. As a result, nutrients do not pass through and toxins are not discharged as well through this hardened cell wall. This leaves our body with insufficient building blocks to regenerate and toxins increase, making us feel less fit, due to this accumulation of toxins in our body. 

A similar process also takes place in our brain, causing our pineal gland to 'harden' (calcify). This is responsible for the proper functioning of the Blood-Brain Barrier, a barrier that determines what is and is not allowed to pass through to the brain. So if this barrier is not functioning adequately, it means toxins can enter the brain and thus affect our ability to think. Hence the increase in forgetfulness and making it difficult for us to concentrate properly. 

In other words, I found out that if your thinking skills & vitality are what you love, I had to take action myself and no one else was going to solve this for me and my family. May be a bitter pill at first, but from where I look now, it's a blessing. I finally started to delve into what my body and mind really needs and now that I understand that better I can also constructively support my children and husband regarding their vitality.

The Golden Duo, the better solution?

There are many solutions in the market and one remedy promises more than the other, but I noticed little to no difference in practice. Until a friend drew my attention to natural and concentrated liquid supplements. This appealed to me immediately, especially the liquid form which means 98% is directly absorbed by my body, by taking it directly under the tongue. This way, it doesn't have to go through the slow digestive tract before it can do its job. With the liquid supplements, I noticed an immediate difference; my children had the same experience. Besides, liquid supplements are easier to take than, say, a pill or a capsule.


My family loves the Golden Duo, and even our dog begs for its drops. I am very happy with it because I was also suffering from stiff joints. After just a few days, I noticed a noticeable difference in suppleness.  

What is also great is the Magnesium L-Threonate in the Golden Duo. This is a magnesium specially developed for the brain and it is the only magnesium that supports the building of brain cells. I saw this difference not only in my husband and myself but also in my children. They are significantly less forgetful, have better concentration, and therefore perform better in school. I can well imagine that taking Magnesium L-Threonate regularly prevents you from suffering from mental illness. 

What surprised me the most was the recovery of my energy levels.

Now after 3 months of using the Golden Duo, I can say today that in retrospect, I actually didn't really know how low my energy level was. From my own experience, I can now say that it is true that the deterioration is so gradual that I got used to my lower energy level. Now that I have my 'normal' energy levels back, I only realise, how necessary the right supplements are for my body & mind, to function optimally. It is wonderful to tackle things with a good portion of energy again. 'Procrastination' is virtually no longer in our vocabulary because it's all much lighter and easier to tackle and as a result, my husband and I are much more tidy and cheerful. In my husband's case at work, it has contributed to a promotion, as he performs his work more adequately and creatively.   

With this experience of my family, I know that today, young and old, we need the right mineral support, to be fit and vital in body and mind again. It is a valuable difference for our family that we do not want to miss a day and it is my wish that you as a reader of my story have been inspired and like our family may start experiencing your new vitality. 

With Love,

Marianne, Utrecht, NL

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