The Path of the Freedom Lifestyle


Naomi L. 

I first met the Creators of My Happy Femily about 9 months ago.

I was unclear initially why I was connecting with them.

But I could sense a deeper resonance that I just KNEW I wanted to KNOW MORE!

It was definitely not something I could "figure out”, and reflecting back, it was like seeing through a maize of thoughts and brain fog!

Yet somewhere deeper inside KNEW this connection would change my life.

I have experienced SO MUCH since then, realizing the depth of WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE these people live through and SHARE.

Even through the Low energy and brain fog I started to LISTEN to a whole new way of being in relationship with MYSELF, my VEHICLE and HOW I perceive the world around me.

I knew something major had to change as I had “learned” to give myself away to others all my life.  Therefore my energy was being drained with very little for myself.

Here my journey started with the Self Care Program.  

First thing, get my essential energy back!

The body isn’t capable of healing or cleansing if it has little energy.

I started on some wonderful highly absorbable minerals that was recommended.

My energy improved somewhat but not consistent.

Then came the coffee enemas, with personal detailed instruction how to do it properly. One needs to know what you are doing otherwise you might do more harm than good.  This is when I REALLY started noticing immediately my energy increasing along with clearer thinking.

Eventually, once the double testing was available globally I was very happy to participate in finding an efficient way to share this testing in North America.  It is now a stream lined way of offering the KITS to this part of the world.

I really saw  dramatic changes in my energy after this testing and pin pointing the best steps to restore my body.  Also I was offered the Bio-Atunement which really accelerates the release of pathogens and much more!

Now my energy remains in a normal range which gives me the motivation to SHARE my experience with OTHERS.

It is a beautiful, compassionate, love filled and Knowledgeable process which is SELF EMPOWERING.

All my relationships, with myself, others and the world I live in, is naturally changing.

I am now committed to being part of My Happy Femily as Humanity and this world needs our STRENGTH, CLARITY OF MIND and COMPASSION in creating a new future that comes from YOU AND ME, rather than YOU OR ME.

Gizmo. Dragan his caretaker: “I saved this traumatized dog from the kennel. Gizmo had only one eye left and when this eye got Glaucoma, and medicine didn’t do much, I got worried. I knew these people of  already for 4 years and when I expressed my fear of Gizmo becoming completely blind they invited me to test him. The test showed it was his stomach and parasites. After using a few days the special essential minerals, Gizmo his eye was already less red. Now after 1 month he is a playful happy healthy dog that is for the first time in his life without signs of trauma and he is just relaxed!”

Dragan S. “After Gizmo I did a test for myself mainly out of curiosity. It turned out that my blood was too toxic. They also tested what I could do about it and together we made a simple-to-follow plan. I must admit that I did not expect so quickly any result. After less than 2 weeks I had more energy, had less pain in legs and back and felt in general stronger. I could easily play tennis for 2 hours without getting tired. Yet I am still improving every day. 

It is great being well and feeling good.”

Ferial M. “Even after more than 25 years of practicing yoga and 17 years of teaching it, at a certain moment I noticed that when there is more physical, mental or emotional stress that my body responds and a level of tension accumulates in the muscles around the neck and shoulders or lower back. It was time to do some testing.  The mineral balance in my body was out of balance and this caused calcification. Together we made an easy-to-follow plan and since I take structured water and essential minerals I feel deeper relaxation inside of me.  Lately, I swam 75 tracks in the swimming pool and did not feel exhausted and had no muscle pain. A nice surprise! On a another occasion, I used the scythe for 2 hours mowing a high grass field for the first time and had no muscle pain either. Interesting how by simply balancing the minerals in my body one feels more energetic, flexible and free of muscle pain.”

Pero H. “After 14 years of Parkinson, the whole family saw me rapidly getting worse, I could hardly walk and talking became so difficult that it was hard to understand what I was saying. More medicine would not save me. We all knew ‘this is the end’! As our last straw, we did the testing, expecting nothing at all! Yes, they confirmed, I was in really bad shape, but with a disciplined detox plan and in my case a strict diet, combined with specific minerals we might reverse the process. To everybody surprise within 2 weeks we all gained hope, I could talk normally again and walk on my own. 

I know it will take time to overcome 14 years of Parkinson but my conditions are improving day by day. Amazing how small but effective things can change one’s quality of life. 


We are humans who do not intend to give any medical advice, nor claim to treat any disease. For this, you need to council the Medical Industry and its professionals.  By means of professional equipment we can make 'visible' what is going on in the body and it is your responsibility what to do with this information. We share from human to human what we know & experience based on our personal experience & research combined with what we received back from other people their experience.  We came to be aware that knowledge based upon the Truth is rare in this world, but is essential if one needs to make 'wise' decisions. We are after the impartial Truth coming from care and accuracy to reclaim one’s health as was our natural birth-right when we entered into this reality, combined with having the wealth (the means) to create a quality of life that allows us and our children and their children to enjoy life and evolve.