The Project RODINIA


Aim and result:

The intention of RODINIA is to come to cohabitation forms that stimulate the following:

1.    Development and discovery of the actual human potential

2.    Promoting cooperation with nature that leads to a development that is progressive for people and nature.

3.    Technology is not a goal in itself but is seen as something that supports the quality of life for both people and nature and makes integration possible.

4.    Recording and sharing the developments, knowledge, and results achieved that are available to everyone within the center.

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Our experience is that our well-being depends largely on how we think about our self-healing capacity, click here to find out about RODINIA Self-Care. As Bruce Lipton, a well-known researcher and biologist in particular cell expert has demonstrated in his life's work: it is how we think about certain things, what our belief system is, what largely determines whether we are healthy and if we are ill, whether we are able to heal or not. From the idea that the creator of man has given us brains and hands to be able to create or attract everything that could support, improve and increase our well-being, we see it as a necessity to learn ourselves to perceive with a different awareness. In RODINA we take a closer look at things from the perspective as if we are hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling or touching something for the very first time. In this way we are able to redefine and investigate what is fact, and what is based on 'our good faith to transfer from generation to generation', but we have never really investigated in depth whether this also matches our actual 'perceptions'. 

In addition, we increasingly build a bridge between the visible and the invisible and we experiment with form, electromagnetism, sacred geometry, light and sound (other forms of light and information) and so on, to discover what optimizes the well-being of people and nature.

An area of research is for example the spectrum of minerals and its influence on our well-being, especially from the point of view of connections and conduction of our nervous system and our brain functionality. Already in 1920, Rudolf Steiner already pointed out to mankind the need for the right balance of minerals in our soil and the consequences for our bodies if the balance of minerals is disturbed. This was once again repeated in the 1950s by doctor and 2x Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. Pauling stated that a lack of minerals is the basis of most diseases, pains, and complaints. 

As a result of the industrialization of agriculture and the use of fertilizers and pesticides, the presence of minerals in the soil and therefore in our food has been greatly reduced, with all the consequences many people face today. We conduct a large-scale study into the functioning and effects of the correct balance of minerals in the human body and the effect on our food production capacity. A number of test subjects have achieved exceptional results by re-balancing the mineral supply in their bodies. 

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For ages, prosperity is extremely unevenly distributed. Nowadays less than 1% live in absolute wealth and overwhelming luxury while more than 50% of the world's population has no access to basic needs such as clean water, food and a roof above their heads. Suppose that 1% of the assets of the 1% who are super rich would be made available to support the infrastructure of the 50%, poverty would no longer exist immediately! From a human perspective, this inequality should come in more balanced. 

We are therefore delighted that we encountered a way of life that can narrow the gap between rich and poor. Most of us who have time and energy can generate an income for themselves from this way of life. Even people who have absolutely NO money can start today if they choose. If you think this is a particularly beautiful idea, we cordially invite you to share and spread this method. Contact us and we will be happy to inform you in a personal conversation from human to human. 

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In addition, we will apply form, sacred geometry,  proper selection of materials, light and sound, feng shui and other energetic enhancing applications in the residence of RODINA to create a maximum living situation for Man and nature.


Technological developments are currently mainly driven by money and power. As a result, technical developments often became destructive, rather than supportive and constructive. The moment you disconnect technological development from money and power, our expectation is that technology will again become a means and not an end in itself. From our perception, one of the most fantastic, biological, technical machines that exist on this planet is "Man himself."

For most of us, we have lost all kinds of abilities since our birth, especially our higher senses. Some of us still have access to these senses, but these people are seen by the masses as "abnormal" and are often made ridiculed. Within RODINIA we try to keep an eye on when technology increases the quality of our lives and mother earth, or not. We want to meet the criteria by which we can make this more measurable and transparent. A lot of attention is also paid to how we can stimulate our higher senses and start using them again. Do you have experience in this and do you want to share this with more people? Then contact us to see if there is a possible synergy, Click Here


The earth on which we are guest, is an elegant and super intelligent being and has refined and optimized processes in its billions of years of existence, for most of us, this is invisible or unrecognizable. Consider what kind of alignment and cooperation between all living things, an estimate is made that 50 billions life forms are visible and invisible here on Earth, is necessary to live in harmony next one another! This is phenomenal and surpasses far our capacity to comprehend. It is unfortunate that current science has become entangled in their assumption that they know it "better" than mother earth and for example chemically mimic all kinds of herbs in a laboratory and then say that the effect is the same or even better? Not realizing that there might be an agenda behind it, that only serves the interests of a small group. That humanity is indeed not as wise as it thinks of itself, it is something we clearly show by tacitly agreeing to harm the perfect fine-tuned ecology that mother earth took millions of years to optimize, and in less than a hundred years Mankind pollute, destroy and commit robbery on all her resources that have no match. A question to ask is; ‘to what extent the damage can  be repaired?’

From this perspective, we come to the realization that it is time for Man to develop appropriate respect and appreciation in ourselves for mother earth and to learn to recognize and acknowledge her in a proper way. That we stimulate ourselves to learn to work with her again, in order to deal with the chaos that we have created ourselves, to clean up and to make a start on restoring the cooperation, by taking up our true function here on earth. No being has come here for himself on itself. Each of us has a "body" (or form) which we have on loan from Mother Earth to be able to manifest and gain experiences here. It is clear to us that just by being here that we have a contract with mother earth and father sun and it is time that Mankind remembers this and fulfill the task before we can fulfill our own purpose. The one is not separate from the other and tasks are not necessarily linear and are often intertwined. In the Non-profit center, the various processes of mother earth are extensively observed and researched, such as its meridians, how electromagnetic processes can be optimized. How we can give water back its powers and purity, the function and preparation of food and much more to mention, all of this with the aim of restoring the balance and from this new platform, we redefine direction with our compassion ‘how to proceed’. 


There is always room for motivated people who are able and willing to further shape with us this Non-profit Center and testing ground. This can consist of knowledge and experiences that you want to share, or you have ideas of experiments that should be given a place to test. 

Contact us to arrange a meeting and we take it from there. 

If this initiative inspires you, the next step could be to become a member to support us and or to actively participate. Register here and maybe we can welcome you as a member of RODINIA and My Happy Femily soon. 

Together we make the impossible possible.  

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