Why is our Future

depending on . .

Why is our future depending on what is true & what is false?

The future of humanity lays in the hands of those individuals who still can discern what is true and what is false. Why you may ask?

Because nowadays our world is ruled by lies upon lies upon lies and people get more and more confused and soaked in their fears. All critically thinking has gone out of the window. So in order to be capable to think and select the right actions to attract a sustainable future we need to re-learn how to discern and KNOW from deep within what is true and what is false. From this deep Knowing we can no longer be tricked by false promises, overwhelming distractions and outrageous fears put upon us and our children. 

When man and woman KNOW again what is false and what is true we might lay a foundation that our children can further build their future upon. 

In this article you will read out-of-the-box ideas. If your life and the future of your children is of high value to you then first read this completely before you judge or reject the ideas that are presented. It might be that one day you may realize that this article was the beginning of an altered approach and in so doing has saved your life and that of your children. 

What are the questions we need to ask? 

Have you ever wondered why is happening today what is happening? A synergistic world-wide agenda executed by almost all governments of the world, pushing their people as soon as is possible to inject a substance with unknown ingredients in themselves, convinced by propaganda that the injections are safe and effective. Whilst nobody is asking for whom is it safe and effective? For the people of earth or for the beings behind the agenda, who wish to succeed? 

Any man or woman who can still critically think knows already that this has nothing to do with health but everything to do with full control over Mankind and therefor full control over this planet. There are many speculations about who or what is behind this agenda and there are too many smokescreens created to prevent us from objective seeing and realizing what is actually going on. Why these smoke screens? Because the truth of the hidden agenda would provoke waking up the sleeping giant in us, which is something the forces of dissonance are scared of like hell.

Whom of you has considered the option that Mankind has been influenced already for decades, at least 70 years, straight after World War II, in what is called the mental environment by several small alien resource exploiters who’s only aim is to get the resources of this beautiful planet for themselves! And guess what Mankind is one of the resources they are after!

Perhaps this provoke several questions in you like:

When aliens can reach our planet, why would any alien species be interested in planet earth?

And if aliens are present, why do they not make themselves known?

What will they gain to be hidden? Are they perhaps seeking control over humanity?

Why would alien groups who are small in numbers, want to have full control of humanity? 

Why would they need this control, if their intentions would be benevolent for humanity?

Why not take us by force, since their technology is at least hundred years ahead of us? 

What is their major tactic to get full control over humanity?

What is the same between the aliens and us?

What are fundamental differences between us?

What are their strengths and what are their weaknesses? And what is Mankind their strength and weakness?

What does mankind actually for sure know of life in the Universe in our region of space? 

Do our ideas and believes match the reality of life in the Universe or are they just fantasy?

Why do we need to know about this?

And how do I come to all of these questions, as the writer of this article? What is my source of inspiration?

It is clear looking at the list of questions that it is hard to answer them all in one article, although i will do my best to weave in as much answers as i can. When you wish to connect with me or ask questions then do so via the link at the end of this article.

Coming back to what is my source? So how can Mankind get information that match the reality of life as it is in our region of space in the Universe? Whom of us has a firsthand experience to talk with an alien face to face, to check our ideas and believes about life in the universe? If none of us had such encounter then how do we get objective information so that we can prepare ourselves when such encounter would occur? Do we need to prepare and why?

To get a realistic perspective this can only come from our space brothers and sisters who know this region of space or from the Creator of All Life in The Universe. 

Concerning our space brothers and sisters the issue is that evolved races would never intervene in our affairs, since this would make them permanent baby sitters and us dependent on them for the rest of our lives. Which would be an unfortunate situation and would have limited them and us in our future evolution. 

Only when they saw that Mankind is in serious danger would they sent their wisdom to protect us from a take over by the intervention of less spiritual evolved races. Only less spiritual evolved high technological developed hive mind races could intervene, because they have the technology to reach us physically but this does not mean that they are evolved in their ethics.  By the way this does not mean they are evil, they have a certain perspective which they follow. 

The allies of humanity, this is how our space brothers and sisters call them selves, they made a tremendous effort, at the risk of their own lives and even their home world, to share their wisdom of what life in the Universe is like so that we can prepare and save ourselves.  Their major teaching is about that we regain our ability to discern, ask more questions and seeking answers, before it is too late. Only through seeing what is true and what is false can we say yes or no to influences and develop sound borders for fair trade alliances with our neighbors in this region of space.

To develop our discerning ability, each one of us must be willing and be able to let go of many ideas, believes and fantasies that are installed in us over the decades concerning aliens and life in the universe. We learned from the allies that our movie Industry, including channeling reports did not give us a correct realistic picture. For some people the message of the Allies of Humanity will not be enough exciting but too sobering although its message can be life saving. The question here is: Can people step over the need for excitement or confirming their previous ideas to check the assumptions before people have become part of the aliens lunch box? By then it is obvious too late. 

Not only did the Allies of Humanity reach out to the human race, also the Creator of All Life in the Universe has spoken again and revealed 9000 pages of revelations to prepare Mankind for its encounter in the Greater Community of Worlds of which we are a part. 

Why does the author of this article take the effort to inform you?

The writer of this article has studied the message of the Allies of Humanity and is busy studying the New Message of the Creator of All Life. Without this background and without functioning in the field of health care, I could not connect the dots as mentioned in this article. 

Why do I take the effort to inform you? Because we as a species are running out of time and it is of the essence that more of us see the bigger picture, and that we join each other in the preparation, otherwise . . . ., and I know this is hard to read, we heading either to a new era of self-destruction or we choose for a new era of uniting and cooperating together through contribution. It is about time people dare to face what is actually going on. This writing is my contribution to reach out and maybe cause you to re-think and as a result we might prepare together. 

Life in the Universe in this region of space:

From the allies of humanity we learn that Mankind is mixing life in the physical with how life is in the spiritual. Because of this, we are confused and often do not take the actions we need to take in the physical because we believe we can solve it with our mind by just thinking about it. This way of thinking is part of the last 70 years of influencing our mental environment by these alien resource exploiters. It is called the pacification program

A sophisticated program to disable our ability to sense what is true and what is false. The result of this pacification program is that most people accept everything, even if it is the greatest evil in the world. We accept what is cruel or evil by saying; it is our destiny, or it is our karma, or that in everything is something good. 

The question is whether this is true? Who has investigated if these ideas match our experience? Who or what have told us this? What does this way of thinking cause? Who dare to question and to look again and re-evaluate? 

One of our biggest fears is to meet aliens who are like us but more powerful. This is why many people go into denial or want to stay ignorant. But ignorance was always said to be a blessing but in todays reality, ignorance means you signed your own suffering and death. 

So we are very grateful that the allies of humanity did risks their lives to share their wisdom and experience. The most important aspect we need to know is that in the physical reality everyone needs resources. Every physical being need to feed themselves and need energy and substance to produce their technology. Although technology can take away some boring tasks, it always has dangers, and the biggest danger is that technology makes life more complicated and increases the need for resources tremendously. In other words if technology rules the beings; it needs a lot of resources, more than the planet can provide. Another effect of technology is that it disconnects the beings from Nature. They become careless about the resources, they in essence are depending upon. When one looses the internal warning system to stop consuming, the end is near. This is why it happens many times in this Universe that species who lost themselves in technology have depleted their home planet so much that it became barren beyond repair, which Mankind is also heading towards today. When we find no ways to stop the increase of man-made radiation, the chemtrail spraying, which is polluting and destroying our eco-systems and injecting people, affecting chromosome 8 making us losing our humanity, then soon we will be fully remote controlled, permanent cyborg slaves. Our function has become stupid workers to take out all the resources of this planet for the aliens. Rich or poor we all will have the same function and status of slave, because for them we are like cattle, we are not their equals. Mind you they are already very busy placing the infrastructures in place to be able to harvest the resources. Like the old silk road they are making a short cut over land by making a canal in the black sea. The moment when all the resources are harvested, the aliens leave, and we are left with a barren inhabitable planet. Theory or reality? It is up to you to research and find out. 

Intervention or visitation?

Now you begin to understand why there are aliens out there seeking for resources and we have a resource rich planet. They are not interested in the human species (only as a resource), in their eyes we are an immature war seeking violent careless race. Their interest in us is based on the bio-diversity of our planet which is rare and beautiful in the Universe and we are not looking well after our planet. So these aliens resource exploiters are here to intervene to get earths resources for themselves. 

They are not visiting us, because if they did, we would have known. They would have disclose their presence and told their agenda, and they don’t. Compare this as if someone is visiting your home. You would know and it is an unspoken tradition that visitors respect the rules of the house. Which is of course not the case when it is an intervention. The alien groups want to stay hidden and unknown. The same in our world when somebody want to steal something out of your house. A thief will study your habits; when you are present or not to find the best moment to break into your house. The same is with the alien resource exploiters they have planned over a long period of time how to best influence us in order to take control over us. 

They cannot take out the resources themselves due to our bio-diversity and bacteria life, which is too dangerous for them. It might not only kill them but even their entire species when they return to their home planet. So they need humans to do the work for them. 

They studied humanity for a long period of time, which is very easy from space, because we broadcast everything what is happening here. You don’t need to be here to study. They know human psychology very well and since they are way ahead into the development of the mental environment they know exactly how to influence the human mind. We are babies in the mental environment and are easy victim or prey for their persuasions and temptations. One of the programs is called that pacification program and is very advanced and specific. The purpose of this program is to disable our discernment and disconnect us from our true nature, losing ourselves in the digital virtual reality. They are experts in giving what we want as long it increase their influence they ‘give’. And since our personalities are hungry for ego boosting or seeking confirmation of how special we are, we get caught in their nets of control, like we see today, although their methods have become more cruel and demanding. Perhaps you too felt this that this energy that is now being released is of a specific nature, hard to define, now you learned it is not human but alien.

Why don’t they take us by force? 

This has several reasons. What we don’t know is that this region of space is very ancient and populated and there are already many agreements made between the species in this region of space. War is not allowed, because it is considered to be too destructive and costly. The aliens that are intervening are no warlike races and their numbers are small. They are commercial groups and their strength lays in the mental environment. Even if they could use force, they would never do it, since it would destroy us and the resources they are after. 

Beside this agreement ‘no war’ there are certain rules all species in this populated region of space need to comply to. One of them is that you are not allowed to intervene with another planet. Unless you see that the indigenous species are destroying their planet of genesis or when it is the will of the indigenous people that these alien resources exploiters are welcome. 

So when you realize this, as a small in numbers alien group, then what do you do? You influence the many people in the mental environment, motivating them to destroy their planet enough so they are allowed to intervene. At the same time they infiltrate the influential people of that planet, giving these people in exchange some of their technology, which will never be the best they have, and slow but steady shut down the human thinking capacity. Interfere on as many levels as they can by creating mistrust on all levels, even our family and of course also mistrusting the governments. The chaos and problems that humanity have created are so huge that many people will be so glad that when these aliens arrive they are accepted as our saviors. 

And the aliens? They will appear as loving and highly spiritual evolved races, who only have the best interest of humanity at heart. They will treat us like children and that they will learn us how to live in peace and how to restore the planet, something many people will fall for. The only issue is that the price will be very high for us, because we will lose our freedom FOREVER, now completely depending on these aliens in a super strict highly controlled hive-mind society. 

And the best moment to appear is when humanity is confused, weak and fragmented. Like we are at the moment. When they appear now, who will not be overwhelmed? Do we have anybody available that could represent the voice of the people of earth? 

What to do?

It is clear that most of us are unprepared and that none of us is ready to meet with confidence and clarity these small alien resource exploiter groups. Their mental power is way above our mental capacities. But this does not mean we are helpless and that there is no hope. We humans have a sleeping giant in us, a giant that is connected with the Creator of All Life in the Universe, which is called Knowledge. If we learn to reclaim Knowledge, which is something these alien groups know nothing about, we have a chance to have a future instead of the awful perspective of permanent cyborg slavery. This is possible when we begin today to set our borders, taking care of our people and planet because we are united and self-sustained.

To prepare, we need to become students of Knowledge and it starts with increase our honesty to become clearer about what is actually going on. From there begin to make decisions and act upon these decisions. We need to learn how to unite and how to cooperate if we love humanity, if we love this world, if we love freedom, if we love inspiration, then this is the mountain we need to climb and this is not a mountain we will climb alone. 

For me our current situation and this constant pushing energy feels very unheimisch, this plan is carefully orchestrated over many decades perhaps hundreds of years, I know they won’t stop executing it.  Unless enough of us understand the seriousness of the situation and stand up to learn how to stop it having an effect upon us. Time is over for discussion, debate, dependency, competition, comparison who knows more, denial or running away in our fantasies and hope that it all will turn okay, because the reality of today looks like a science fiction horror movie. No government or religious leader will save us, because they are part of the plan and compromised. It is us the people of earth that need to come into action and establish our own communities. 

It is now or never. This needs a super effort of those who still can think and act. It can be done once our sleeping giant awakes and re-connect with Source. Do you care and can you respond and join?

Honour and respect, caring love and clarity of mind,


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