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Hello and welcome to this blog about wellbeing.

As long as I can remember, also due to the fact that as a young child I had to take care for my disabled mother, I was curious about the functioning of the human body and the interplay with the mind and how to optimize one’s wellbeing. There was one question that kept me busy:

"Why do humans catch dis-eases and what was it that caused the imbalance?”

This question is still valid today, although 20 years of professional practicing natural medicine and a lot of research further. This all accelerated when my husband got a cancerous tumor in his neck, unless all my knowledge and experience, I could not ‘safe’ him and he died. What did I not know? What was it, I overlooked?

The turn came when together with a group of International Volunteers, I started a thorough research, and we came to the knowledge to connect the many dots. We got a better understanding, that the human body is one of the most powerful biological machines there is, and when it functions as nature has intended, the  body will heal itself from any dis-eases!

This blog is about sharing my anecdotes and life’s lessons with you, from more than 20 years of practical experience. In this way, I will take you on my journey of finding the opportunities, for healthier remedies and a happier life. I will also include the work of the team of the International Volunteers from the Non-profit Knowledge-base Center RODINIA Self-Care, and several programs we have been developing the last few years and the exceptional results people report us every day in return.

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My first contact with foot reflex zone therapy  (1)

From birth onwards my son had problems with falling asleep. Even when he became older, it took him a long time to fall asleep. He would have gotten so tired and would fall asleep so deep that he no longer receive any physical stimuli to pee. Bedwetting was a common occurrence as a result.

A nice trip of a few days was planned at school and that meant staying overnight. As much as my son wanted to go with that trip, his discomfort prevented him. Although I had never made bedwetting a problem, now it became about and I wanted to offer help in it.

Via via (that's how it often goes) I heard from a therapist in a city called Zaandam, with the name Bep. She would have a solution for everything! During that period, my life partner, Arie had his first mild stroke and his recovery was slow and his depression increased. I thought of hitting 2 birds with one stone, but Arie was not enthusiastic about his own visit to the therapist, but for my son it was a good plan. He was not interested for himself! I called the therapist and told her about the inconveniences of my son and…. Whether she could also help with the issues of Arie. Her answer was clear: I don't know, then you will first have to come here and if I feel his feet, then I can tell you more about it. That was precisely the problem, I explained to her. No problem, she said, I plan you in the agenda at the end of the afternoon and I invite your partner to sit in the chair as well. You will see that it will be all right, but you must not tell him anything about it, he must first see and then he will start to believe. Leave that stubborn man to me, she said..... 

Stunned, I made the appointment and did not understand how she “knew” about his stubbornness.

The day of the appointment had arrived and we were on our way to Zaandam. Whilst arriving we found out that Bep was busy, there were a number of customers in the waiting room and we thought: well ... that will take a while! 

And that was true, some people came to pick up jars with dietary supplements and others luckily had to be treated briefly. Finally it was our turn and Bep explained that there were always emergencies in between and offered her excuses for the long wait.

My son was invited to sit in the treatment chair to be "nicely" massaged at the feet. He sat down tense like a string. Once he understood what the intention was, the tension eased somewhat and he started talking. She asked him a number of things and gave him personal attention. I saw him grow in that big chair. Well, she said, there is not much going on, the colon has a wrong position and presses on the bladder too much. I will massage that away. But what is more annoying, she said, he is not in his body and therefore he is not himself. Well, young man, she went on, you have to do exercises in front of the mirror. You say loudly in front of the mirror 3 times a day: I AM I,  AND EVERYONE THAT IS NOT  ME, GO OUT! I AM STRONG AND I CAN DO IT! Shall we practice? My son said out loud the sentence and proudly looked at me with a face like, well that went well didn’t it! If you do that, Bep continued, you don't have to come back, because the journey is very long, isn’t it? My son nodded fiercely, because he hated long car journeys.

Bep directed her words to us and said: Children are more sensitive to flying energies that do not belong in human bodies, he must learn to put them out, then his anger also will diminish. My son climbed out of the chair and Bep addressed herself towards Arie: Now it's your turn, just sit down. Arie looked at me angrily and I felt uncomfortable about our little "secret" what where we had agreed upon. No, Bep continued, you don't have to look at your wife, I  can see that it is wrong in the head and that you have lost confidence in yourself. We are going to change that, she said very firmly. 

She started to install her microscope and took a microscope glass and a lancing device to take a drop of blood from Arie's finger, who was still looking perplexed about her firm approach. Just sit down in the chair, she said’, it will only take a moment. When the job was done she said: That blood needs to dry for a while so  I can have a "look" at the feet in the meantime . You can take off your shoes. Above my expectations, he did what he was asked to do and Bep grabbed his feet to start a massage. A bit stubborn character, isn't it, those feet are so stiff! Arie nodded uncomfortably with a poor smile.

You need to take better care of yourself, Bep continued, and rinse that head clear of all your worrying thoughts. You running in circles with your thoughts and therefore you get deeper and deeper into the pit.

We had already understood that Bep was pretty direct, but that by "looking" at the feet she could tell so much about Arie's life was quite shocking for us. She continued to tell essential events of his life and I understood that it was necessary for him to hear this, in order to gain confidence in this special woman. Arie was perplexed, but confident in this therapist who was small in stature, but a great spirit.

We made many visits to Zaandam and slowly but surely the complaints solved and Arie got the courage to go back to work again and even his depression became less.

And my son …… .. he has had a fantastic  camp and afterwards he proudly said: 

"Only once a little mom!"

Happy Willy 

Deze Blogs kunnen tot op de Voet gevolgd worden.

Further cooperation  (2)

This experience with Bep has gripped me so much that I also wanted to learn "that." Of course I understood that Bep had many years of experience when we first met her, but you have to start somewhere if you want to become a foot reflex zone therapist ...

Bep advised me to follow a recognized vocational education. She said: They all ask for the main prize for the education, but once you have spent your money and you find out that this training is not affiliated with the professional association for healthcare and therefore your treatments cannot be reimbursed by the health insurance company, you have to start all over again! At that time I believed that a liberal profession such as foot reflex zone therapy, which actually improves the health of many people with low costs of treatments, would remain included in the care package without problems. Now I know it is not that easy anymore for most therapists and that a lot of additional training is required, with high costs.

No sooner said than done. Found the right training institute and ….…  I was ready to let those feet come! (Apart from this  training institute, I enjoyed following many other training courses after my exam. I also referred interested people who wanted to be a therapists as well, to this training institute, with great satisfaction from everyone).

Luckily Arie and I had a large family together, so there was no shortage of feet to practice.

From the first year of the training I have always had people who benefited from the foot massages. It became my passion and I learned everything I could find about feet and toes. Where others raised their noses for feet, I dived right into the middle of it, figuratively of cause, to gain even more knowledge.

Once as a successful and affiliated therapist I officially went to work part time. At that time I still had a job at a professional health and safety service, but I wanted to trade it as quickly as possible, for a full-time reflexology therapist.

I succeeded in a year, thanks to Bep. She had for instance clients throughout the whole country and I lived in east whilst she lived in the west of the country. Once a month she came to my place, to offer the dried blood analyzes to people in my area. We became ‘famous’  and this way grew into 30 people on one day, even waiting times started to appear!

Cups of coffee and tea were served to make waiting more pleasant and soon a solidarity was created between the people. When the weather was nice, we had outdoor seats and people got into conversation with each other. A relaxed atmosphere and professional information about peoples  health, only brought more people to us. This way there was a constant growth in "customers" and I was soon able to say goodbye to the work of the professional health and safety service. Yippy !!

Microbes  (3)

Very suddenly due to a virus on the lungs Bep became very ill. She herself, medical science and many naturopathic therapists, could not get this virus under control and Bep died several months later. During this invasion of this virus she advised me to delve into the smallest organisms, the viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. She was impressed by the result of her own experience that these microbes would become the biggest disruptors of human health.

Her death and the untouchable virus that led to her suddenly passing on, has gripped me enormously. From that moment on I started to delve more into these microbes.

I tried to understand why they get into our body and why our body is unable to handle and excrete them independently. This search has kept me busy till this day and I wanted to learn every day more about what is out of balance in the functions , so these microbes can ravage our body and our health.

I came to the insight that by "enemy thinking" and combating these microbes by anti-biotics, often leads to a short-term recovery, but in the longer term brings the opposite of the desired result. There is still a lot to investigate and discover about these small earthlings, many of whom have lived in symbiosis with humans and animals for millions of years and have now become an enemy of our bodies in the last period.

The departure of Bep was a big loss for many people, but I know that this special woman with her hoarse smile, has touched many peoples life and that she has done in her life what she did best: “HELP PEOPLE, TO COME OUT OF THEIR ENTANGLEMENT, AND GROW BALANCE IN THEIR HEALTH ”.

Whether it was physical, emotionally, or mental, she could show you a future that you yourself had lost.

Dear Bep thank you for all your support and the transfer of a big part of that huge database of knowledge you gained. Thank you for allowing me to meet you, for loving you  and  learning.

Thank you so much special woman.

How my Passion was growing.  (4)

People who came to my practice had heard of me through family, friends, neighbours, sports and other clubs, parties and all that. The positive experiences that people had, were shared, so the phone rang for me to be able to make a new appointment. That is how I built up my full-time activities, day and night, without ever advertising.

Because many customers knew each other, I often heard news earlier than the person themselves could tell me. That created a certain bond between the "customers" (which, by the way, I find a nasty word and have changed into "Health seekers") and myself. A relationship of trust and a certain involvement with most people who received treatment, soon developed. Because there was already spoken about me, this “foot lady” in Aadorp village with her method, the first contact went as self-explanatory!

Many handkerchief were needed when the people described their complaints and a listening ear was finally offered. Most of the people had already gone through the may circuits of the doctors, the specialists and hospital, with often limited results. The people who visit the practice and received treatment had very often "vague symptoms", complaints for which "regular medicine" had no treatment plan. Now there was at last some help.

De Dalai Lama about Health & Time.  (5)

Soon there will be more . . . ..  (6)

Working on it . . .!