What about the Gut and the Brain and what is the connection

Blog 1

What is the Truth about the gut-brain connection?

Do you really want to know how much your gut ‘controls’ what you think?

For more than 2 months I am intending to write a blog about the gut-brain connection. And in contrary to other topics, this one I could not finish. Somehow my brain went fully blank and my inspiration went below zero. Every time I put myself behind my computer it resulted in me staring at the screen. To encourage myself I kept on collecting data to get myself into a vibe of inspiration to write, but the only result was that at a certain moment I had 50 pages of interesting data and 100 print screens of scientific research backing up the data I found.  By now I should be able to write something significant about it. But every time I sat down my brain stopped functioning.

What is going on here? Why does this happen? Is there an energy that does not want me to inform you about this revealing information?

Every time I collected more data and the more I made the data sink in, and integrated it with the knowledge I already had about the functioning of the human body, and the fact that we are electro-magnetic beings, the more it dawned upon me, that this blog you are about to read is really a ‘No-Brainer’.  

It will turn for most of us our world upside down and crunch our beliefs. I now know that this information is for many readers a missing piece of the puzzle. 

As you are seeking to restore and rebalance your health and vitality and that of your loved ones.

This journey also turned my belief system upside down. It is so different than I was taught to believe, that I needed some time to digest this information. This made me decide to invite more people to go through a similar journey I made myself (and the team members of My Happy Femily) and slowly but steady introduce people into a new perspective about the truth of the gut-brain connection and how it affects your daily consciousness, and your human ability to be awake, aware, alert, active and above all to be ALIVE.

So let us begin.

 Below you find the questions-topic to reveal the gut-brain connection mystery. 

Each blog will deal with one of these questions.

Blog 2: What about the gut and the brain and what is it’s connection?

And why this affects the future possibilities of Mankind so much?

What facts are there to be mentioned about the brain and the gut?

Blog 3: What is damaging the freaking brain?

The rise of Dementia (people are now diagnosed in their early 40 or sooner), Alzheimer, Autism, and ADHD. What do they all have in common and how come?

 Blog 4: What are we doing here to ourselves? 

Cholesterol, cortisol, hardening of the arteries, heart attacks loop, what we need to reconsider if we wish to stop this from happening?  The natural protective barriers of the brain and how they are influenced by our environment, vaccinations, medications and what we eat.

Blog 5: What do we need to know about the gut-brain connection?

Phylogenetic, the study of evolution diversity and the way different organisms & species are related to each other. There is a way to reverse ‘the damage that is done’ and restore oneself to new health and wealth. The miracle function of the Microbiome and how it influences one’s consciousness. How in 5 simple steps you can reverse one’s health condition.


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